Never Give Up

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Never Give Up - Raleigh, North Carolina

Good morning! Thank you for calling Five Over Four Realty, how can we help you?

Agent: Hey, do you think your client is still interested in the house off Glenwood Ave?

Us: (almost dropping my toast and totally freaking out. OMG!YES!EEK!YAY!) Um, I don’t know, maybe. Why?

Agent: Contract fell through right before closing. You’re on deck.

Us: Hmm. Let me ask my buyers

Us to Client: (hey … guess what … uh huh … ok … nice … hold tight)

Us to Agent: (quietly dancing in pj’s) Okay, we have a deal.

Obviously truncated for lack of space to show back and forth negotiation conversations, but isn’t it funny how the universe works? This market is fast. But remember, it’s also quite unpredictable sometimes. You just cannot give up. Ever.

Yes, it may feel like sellers are in the driver seat right now, but just remember that it can be hairy for them, too. Annnything can happen. And on this particular day, the toast just happened to land butter side up for our clients. So pour the breakfast mimosas (oh don’t pretend like you have no idea what those are): this adorable little darling near Glenwood Ave belongs to our buyers!