Wide Open Spaces

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Wide Open Spaces - Youngsville, North Carolina

We just love how this whole thing unfolded. Give us 30 seconds of your time, will you? Good. It’s fast. We promise.

Jill Kuhn, Owner/Broker of Five Over Four Realty is originally from one of the tiniest northwest “suburbs” of Chicago. Most everyone up there sounds just like Mike Ditka. You know the accent … that unmistakable Midwest hard vowel pronunciation, right? If not, promise that you’ll go on YouTube and search SNL’s Bill Swerski’s Super Fans. They absolutely nail it.

As soon as Jill heard the new-to-Raleigh-area couple speak up at a group fitness class, their Midwest accent took her right back home instantly. *queue the small talk that Jill couldn’t wait to strike up*. Seriously though, when the towns are that small, it’s pretty noteworthy to run into someone who knows all about the apple cider donuts at Tom’s, and what ice cream topping is best at the Dairy Mart. [It’s crunch coat, btw.] Now fast forward almost one whole year and here we are: helping new friends turn into happy [multiple offer winning] clients!

The purpose of sharing this story [shockingly still less than 30 seconds so far] is because we value our personal partnerships so very much. It’s the heart and soul of what we love to do! And sometimes we are lucky enough to bond with our clients over old four-way-stops and how good those Jewel cakes were. Ugh, sooo good. [the cakes, and the friendships]

So in our very best Illinois accent, “Welcome to North Carolina, Kolar family! We are so glad you are here!